South Coast House Construction

Building just north of Batemans Bay, this job provided the Eco-Villa Australasia team with a number of challenges related to construction in the coastal floodplain. The Eco-Villa subfloor and Mega Anchor system found refusal at 3000mm underground due to the sandy composition of the soil and required scaffold for easy installation.

BAL 40 Fire requirements required only a slight upgrade from the standard Eco-Villa construction system and the use of a powdercoated steel handrail and Knotwood decking material and stairs. The aluminium decking material worked perfectly with the galvanised steel bearers and joists.

Internally the high ceilings provided an aesthetically pleasing and open and spacious feel to all rooms of the house, providing the perfect feel to a coastal house. The siting of the house and surrounding bushland as well as strategic client landscaping meant that the house will provide a practical and enjoyable holiday destination for many years to come.