All Things Steel Strive To Provide A Low Maintenance, Durable And Quality Decking Solution For Your Premises Or Outdoor Area.

We specialise in steel frame solutions that have a number of building benefits over timber as well as lasting the test of time and providing an architectural edge.

Because we work with a variety of products, we offer custom designed decking solutions that optimise your area, are cost effective and reduce labour costs. We specialise in advising our clients on the best solutions for their projects and then supplying them with everything they need to bring it to life.

What kinds of products do we use?

  • Suspended concrete decks
  • Aluminium
  • Composite materials
  • Timber
  • Tiled options

Having in-house design and engineering options we can facilitate a project and guarantee an outcome and all without any surprises along the way. You’re simply left with an amazing product and a complete decking solution.

Need stairs for your deck? Our team can offer steel stair fabrication to suit your exact specifications and can include unique handrail designs to set you apart from the crowd.

What are the advantages of using steel for your deck?

  • No issues with rotting over time so you won’t need to replace like you would timber
  • Great for bushfire prone areas
  • Easy to connect to both steel and timber posts
  • Available in long lengths so you’re left with a more structurally sound project
  • Great alternative for sloping sites – you aren’t constrained like with timber
  • Economical spanning performance
  • High tensile steel means less material needed, therefore less cost to you
  • Not subject to twisting or warping
  • 100% safe from termites if you aren’t using any timber

Contact All Things Steel today to discuss your deck design or ideas and see how our experienced team can help you bring it to life.

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