When Building A House Or Commercial Space Make Sure That Your Thermal Comfort Levels Are High And Your Energy Costs Are Low.

Insulation is a cheap and cost effective way of achieving a comfortable environment as well as providing good acoustic benefits and vapour and draft barriers. When building with steel a thermal break is required between the steel frames and steel externals and good quality insulation is the perfect solution.

We stock aconcise range of products from Australian companies E-therm and Green Insulation thatare available to suit your residential or commercial workspace and provide superior application methods when compared to other products.
GREEN INSULATION achieved a 6.5 star energy ratings on suspended subfloors in combination with bulk insulation in alpine Victoria and is rated to BAL40 fire resistance with a low flammability index.

E-thermis a “3 in 1 eflective foil” insulation solution replacing traditional foil sarking, bulk fibre, and acoustic noise insulation with one easy product

Why do we use, supply and recommend these brands?

  • Clean and green – made from recycled materials or incorporating recycled materials
  • Easy to install with no specific protective equipment required
  • Can be supplied and installed by an owner builder

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