If You Want To Ensure Your Home Is Built With Strong Foundations And Frames That Will Stand The Test Of Time, Look No Further Than Lightweight Steel From All Things Steel

We supply all you need to ensure that your home is built with strength, durability and accuracy while the structural components remain light in weight to reduce transport costs.

What can we supply?

  • Steel studs, tracks and noggins
  • Screws and fixing
  • House and roofing frames
  • Under floor foundations, bearers and joists
  • Structural Steel members
  • Corcon suspended flooring system

Steel is 100% termite proof, is non-combustible and won’t warp or twist the way that traditional timber can which means it will last longer and stay strong for many years to come.

We can custom cut and design steel frames to your specific requirements, from straight to curved and in much longer lengths than you’d expect. The initial cost of steel for your home may look like a larger investment, but when you consider that steel is a much higher quality construction material than timber and will stand the test of time much better it is still a better investment for your project.

What can you use our products for?

  • Home extensions
  • Sheds
  • Granny flats
  • Complete new homes

Our team has the practical and theoretical experience and expertise to help you choose the best, most appropriate and cost effective products for your project.

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