Granny Flats

If You’re Considering Building A Granny Flat On Your Property, Look No Further Than The Strength And Light Weight Of Steel And The Building Experience Of All Things Steel

  • Looking to add a granny flat on your property?
  • Have a design in mind but want to work with professionals to get it just right?
  • Want your new granny flat custom designed and built to suit your budget and needs perfectly? 

Building a granny flat on your property need not be stressful or excessively expensive. All Things Steel can custom design a granny flat to suit your needs, the size and shape of your block, your budget and we can take into considerations any restrictions or energy requirements to ensure you have a stylish, aesthetically pleasing structure that you’ll love.

We have years of experience in both design and construction and no two designs are ever the same as we personalise them to each client’s needs and desires. Each design is fully engineered so you can be assured of its structural integrity and longevity.

Being involved in the whole process we design, engineer and build. There is no need to consult an architect or deal with the whole spectrum of services when we can project manage your job for you and take you through one step at a time in a clear and transparent service.

Being based in Canberra we require a 6 star energy rating. As such our design and selection of building products take into account all that is required to provide our clients with suspended floor or concrete slab options and we are happy to provide the best and most effective way forward.

How can we help?

  • Designs can be built on site, delivered or a combination of the two
  • We can completely design and build right through to lock up
  • We can supply all the necessary parts and designs to owner builders to build themselves

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