Fixings & Fasteners

All Things Steel Supply A Range Of High Quality Fasteners To Secure Or Anchor Your Building Materials Providing You With Peace Of Mind

Working with steel means you need quality fasteners for your project. Whether it be for Stramitcolorbond cladding or for Mega Anchor Foundations we have a range of fasteners that can suit your buildings requirements.

We stand by the quality of the brands of fasteners that we supply – if we wouldn’t use it ourselves we won’t sell it! We supply two high quality prime brands that are rated to Australian standards, at discounted prices. They are easy to use and fast to install so your project can be completed sooner.

What do we supply?

  • Fasteners for lightweight steel framing
  • Fasteners for sheeting and roofing
  • Fasteners for decking
  • Screws, glues, nails and tools
  • A variety of lengths to suit all your needs

If you need advice on the best items to purchase for your specific project, please get in touch with our expert team. They have hands on experience and can help make sure you have the right information every step of the way.

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