Miscellaneous Subfloor Structures

Utilising our unique steel frame and concrete free subfloor system clients can rest easy that the structure is termite, fire and earthquake resistant. As such we have been contracted to jobs from the Victorian snowfields to the tropics of Northern Territory or Vanuatu.

Subfloor jobs are always a pleasure to do and we take pride in producing square, level and accurate building pads that are structurally engineered and durable.

The system works well in most soil types or can be engineered to suit and is adaptable to steep slopes where other systems can cause grief. All components are made of galvanised steel and designed to suit the terrain, wind rating and design requirements with stepdowns for bathrooms not a problem.

The photos in this section are of a variety of jobs and we encourage all clients to contact us for a free quote to provide a weatherproof, strong and durable flooring system for their next project.