Merrijig House – Victorian Snowfields

To complete a 4 bedroom house at the foothills of Mount Buller was a unique and rewarding experience for our team as well as the clients. The two storey house serves perfectly as a family home or as accommodation for the nearby ski slopes.

Open plan living is a feature of the house as well as multiple custom designed decking and pergola areas that encourage the occupants to feel as comfortable outdoors as they do indoors. The 6.5 star energy rating provides year round comfort as do the double glazed and energy efficient windows, the two layers of insulation (thermal break reflective foam and glass wool batts) that enclose the entire building and provide a moisture and fire barrier.

Unique design challenges relating to the roof, deck, handrail, internal stairwell and pergolas required analytical and precise building techniques and innovative thinking – a task perfect for building in steel and one aptly managed by the Team at Eco-Villa Australasia.

Building in a sensitive sub-alpine environment and on a slope also presented a case to use the Eco-Villa unique steel subfloor system that is concrete and excavation free. Custom designed, engineered and cut tophat bearers and joists with Mega Anchors supported the two storey house as well as being utilised for the roof purlins spanning up to 8m.

The job was a pleasure to be involved in and set the benchmark for our future designs and building practices.