Looking For Something Different To The Standard Concrete Foundation? Our Concrete Free Steel Foundations And Galvanised Bearers And Joists Are The Answer

Why Choose Steel?

  • With no joining or cutting workers can place up to 9000mm cut to length joists down in a single row with only requirements for a single tool allowing reduced fixing times and superior workmanship.
  • Greater bearer and joist spans resulting in reduce piers saving time and money with fewer disturbances to the natural environment.
  • Potential to build to 2000mm above NGL
  • Fire rated BAL 40 Compliant
  • Termite and rot FREE with no shrinkage
  • Reduced environmental impact as no concrete is required
  • Up to 60sqm of foundations, bearers and joists can be setout, installed and levelled by 3 people easily within two days
  • Two pier options allow for concrete free installation or for a base plate to be chemset or dyna bolted into a concrete pad.

Be part of progressive technology in the building industry with our Australian manufactured lightweight tophat system, that will reduce your labour costs, dispense of the need of any heavy machinery and site preparation costs, transport costs and eradicate the need for any messy or time consuming concrete.

The custom rolled steel bearers and joists attached to mega anchor foundations or any similar pier system can be designed to suit most substrates and can be cut to length up to 12m in some cases within tolerance.

This means no wastage, no cutting and more efficient build times resulting in HUGE savings to labour costsand getting out of the ground before the next rain storm. Because the sub flooring will be fixed by screws you will end up with a stronger, more durable floor that is straight, warp and termite resistant, not effected by humidity nor fire and has limited movement. The wider tophat header spacing of approximately 80mm allows for easy and fast fixing of flooring and increased bearing strength for walls. Being bracket free also results in a more efficient install time with fewer fixings and easier manoeuvrability around site.

Do not worry about leaving you subfloor structure exposed for long periods of time as our product is galvanised and can withstand the elements for extended periods as opposed to timber.

How can we help?

Engineered steel floor frame systems

Perfect for houses, decks or shipping containers.

Site visits and soils tests available

Ensure appropriate materials are used and an optimised design achieved

Onsite design and practical experience

Engineering, product and design advice to optimise your build based on years of experenice

Sloping site specialists

Ensure your sloping site is designed right and the products used are the best for purpose

Individually designed sub floors

Each subfloor system is individually designed for your project

Bearers, joists and framing materials

Plus other steel framing component including studs, trim angle, C purlins and Z purlins

Custom cut lengths

If your preferred length is not in stock we can supply bulk quantities of custom cut lengths

Pickup or local delivery

Pick up your supplies from our location or have them delivered throughout the Canberra region

Quick turnaround time

Typically no longer than two weeks turn around for your materials

Container house specialists

Moving containers onto new foundations and decking and roofing as required.

Our team has a wealth of onsite experience so they can guide you with how to best select, build and install your products for your specific project.

Please feel free to contact us on 0401 448 443 or send your plans for a free quote to